game box

Wally The Washer Rules


• Wally the Washer washing machine
• Giant clothes peg
• Dirty sock
• Sticker sheet
• 5 clothes pieces: each in red, green, blue and yellow.
• Washing line & poles: in red, green, blue and yellow


To open the door, press down the Soap Box button. To close the door, push the door across until it clicks.

Apply the stickers as shown in the PDF.

Make sure the ON/OFF switch (underneath) is in the OFF position. Press the soap box on top of Wally to open the door. Load all the clothes and the DIRTY SOCK into Wally and close the door. Each player decides what colour of clothes they are going to collect. They then take a washing line and a pair of poles of that colour and assembles them as shown in the PDF.


The first player to hang all 5 pieces of their clothes on their washing line is the winner.


Place Wally in easy reach of everyone. Turn the ON/OFF switch to ON and Wally’s drum will start spinning. The youngest player goes first.

To play a turn the player must watch Wally spinning and decide how long to let him spin before pressing down on the Soap Box to open the door.

When the door opens – one of the following things will happen -

• Only clothes fall out of Wally:

Each player picks up their own coloured clothes and hangs them up on their washing line.

• Clothes and the DIRTY SOCK fall out:

The dirty sock shows that the wash was not properly finished so any clothes that fell out at the same time must be put back into Wally’s drum. The player who stopped Wally must take the GIANT CLOTHES PEG from the player who is currently wearing it and put it on their nose – and keep wearing it until the next time the dirty sock pops out.

• Nothing falls out of Wally:

The player’s turn is finished.

When all clothes are hung up or put back into Wally’s drum the next player closes the door to start Wally spinning and takes their turn.


The first player to finish hanging their last piece of clothing on their washing line is the winner. SO…. if two players’ final pieces come out in the same turn the first to hang up their last piece wins.

See the PDF instructions for details on how to put the batteries in.