Who's The Dude Game Rules

First things first

Inflate the Dude with your mouth or an (electric) pump (not included). Do not inflate the Dude fully, but make sure his arms and legs can be bent easily. Write down the names of all players on the score sheet in order to keep score during the game. Download the Dude app for a Dude timer and fun extras, or use the timer/stopwatch on your phone and set it to 45 seconds.

How to play

Shuffle the cards before you start the game. The youngest player starts. Act out as many cards as you can until the 45 seconds are up. Read the underlined sentence aloud. For example: "What are we doing?" or "What sport is the Dude playing?" and act out (without sound) what's on the card together with the Dude until somebody guesses the right answer. The player who guesses the right answer adds a mark in their column next to the question mark icon. When the 45 seconds are over, every player then counts up his or her score.

The player who acted out the charades receives 1 point for every charade guessed correctly. Write this number next to person on the score sheet. It is now the next player's turn to act out with the Dude. The first round ends once every player has had a turn. Play continues for 4 rounds. Note: Every player earns 2 points per charade in round 4.

How to win

The player with the most points after 4 rounds wins the game.


Why not play the game in 2 teams? The teams take turns and have 45 seconds to guess as many charades as possible. You are not allowed to make any guesses when it is the other team's turn. The team with the most points after 4 rounds wins.


Inflatable Dude

110 Charade Cards

50 Score Sheets