Articulate Fame

2 - 8 players, aged 12+

about Articulate Fame

Love Articulate? You'll love #ArticulateFame

Exciting and hilarious to play, this brilliant game of diminishing descriptions crams the rip-roaring fun of Articulate into a 20 minute, three-round thriller!

  • Articulate Fame is all about describing famous folk - but with a twist!
  • Divide into TWO teams, pop the names in the bag and play:
  • Round one is classic Articulate - describe as many PEOPLE as possible in 30 SECONDS.
  • Round two you describe the same people BUT using only TWO words.
  • Round three you describe the same people using ONLY ONE word.

You MUST listen to everyone's descriptions in the first round or you're in trouble later on - you've been warned!!

#ArticulateFame - A Flash of Articulate Fun


  • 140 cards (including 20 blank cards to add your own names)
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Scorepad
  • Pencil
  • Sand Timer
  • Rules



"Really liked the variety of famous people, cards definitely cater for all."