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Our 'Gee Whizz' set. File under 'much loved'.
November 24, 2015

Gee Whizz: get the kids to put on a magic show

Family visit alert!!! An occasional series to solve your ‘Help! How will we entertain them?!?’ emergencies.

This one's suitable for: kids of around 5 and upwards.

Gee Whizz is a magic set – but a special one. It’s been put together specifically for younger kids, so there are no fiddlesome tiny parts and no requirements for intense levels of concentration or dextrous sleight of hand. Just a selection of very quick-win magic tricks and effects designed to provide the delight without the frustration.

The great thing about kids doing magic – and we see this again and again – is that they’re quite happy to perform the same trick repeatedly, whilst being endearingly terrible at keeping their methods secret. Magic tricks seem to tap into a childhood yearning to get one over on the grown ups – your role here is to supply the requisite look of amazement every time. Going round each adult one-by-one expecting the same astonished reaction is a rite of passage for every young Paul Daniels, and we’ll trust you to provide it accordingly.

From the amazing instant flower, to the instant ‘wow’ factor of the rainbow glasses, to the INCREDIBLE MAGIC DISAPPEARING PARROT, Gee Whizz will bring light and colour to your family gatherings, a chorus of ‘oooohs’ and ‘aaaaahs’ and – importantly – a nice sense of achievement for the little ones.

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The Gee Whizz parrot. It is GENUINELY MAGIC.
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