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November 23, 2020

Meet the Redknapps...

Oh! You know them already! It’s Harry and Jamie, facing off over the LOGO Board Game – Second Edition!

We’ve been delighted to welcome the father-and-son duo to the Drumond Park gang this year. They’ve been voicing our TV ads for perennial family favourite games LOGO, Articulate and Rapidough – plus the newest addition to our game roster, Sketchy.

(If you’ve not seen Sketchy then you’ll seriously love it – it’s like a drawing version of Rapidough but with a unique mechanism to keep everybody involved, all the time. Expect to see it flying off the shelves this Christmas…)

We’ve written before about the ‘Boxing Day Test’ and what makes a perfect family game (it needs to be great fun for EVERYBODY in the room – young or old!) - thank you, Redknapps Jr. & Snr. for supplying your unmistakeable tones, and for helping us in our continued mission to entertain families across the UK!

Not sure their Articulate! game ended well, though...

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