Flying Pirate Game Rules

Preparing to Play

Fix the sails to the masts and slot all three masts into the ship as shown in the box lid picture.

Fix the ships on either end of the blue seesaw arm by lowering the slot in the bottom of the ship directly onto the "T" end of the arm. Make sure each ship is firmly clicked into position. Ships should sit in an upright position but be able to topple sideways.

Players divide into two equal teams or two can play against one if there are only three of you.

Players decide which colour they want to be, RED or GREEN. The red team takes all the red pirates and the green team the green pirates. Each player takes a cannon.

The teams sit opposite each other. Position the ships so that the red players can fire their red pirates onto the BACK of the green boat's sails and the green players can fire their green pirates onto the BACK of the red boat's sails.

Playing the Game

The youngest player shouts "CANNONS FIRE" and all players quickly put one of their pirates, feet first, into their cannon and fire him at the sails of their opponent's ship.

Fire the cannons by pushing down the lever on the back.

Once a pirate has been fired, immediately pick up and fire another pirate. Pirates that have been fired and MISSED can be picked up and fired again. To speed up play, once the game has started you can pick up and use pirates of either colour to fire at your opponents' ship.


Move your cannon around each shot to improve your aim and find the perfect firing position to land pirates in your opponents' sails. You can fire from as near or far as you want, but the cannon must be held firmly on the table each shot.


The first player or team to capsize their opponents' ship wins.

Sometimes the winners' ship falls over after it's enemy is sunk, ignore this.