Impact Level 3 Game Rules

This level completes the full set of rules for the two-player game. The rules are the same as for LEVEL 2 but with the following additions:

1. LEVEL 3 uses all six boards, the full teams of 8 soldiers, all three guns (large mobile, medium mobile and field) and all 16 hills.


As with Level Two players take it in turn to set up the boards and hills. Fix all six boards together. The boards can be arranged in various ways. See below.

Possible board positions

Decide which player will start by mutual agreement.


The MOST moves you can make in a turn is twice the number of troops in your team at the start the game. For example in LEVEL 3 you start with 8 troops so you can make 16 (2X8) moves at most. As with Level Two you must move AT LEAST the number of places equal to the number of your soldiers left on the board.


LEVEL 3 uses all 3 DIFFERENT KINDS of soldiers: LEADER, NCO and TROOP. The 8 soldiers in a team are made up of 1 Leader, 2 NCOs and 5 Troops.

A LEADER can capture an opposition TROOP on his own, but he needs another one of his soldiers to capture an opposition NCO or LEADER.

To capture a gun, a LEADER or an NCO MUST be one of the two capturers.

NCOs and troops must be moved straight to their final space for any given turn. A LEADER ONLY can move some spaces, do something (like capture a troop) then move more spaces (perhaps to escape) and end up somewhere else.
As a result a LEADER could move, capture a troop on his own, then move on and capture a gun as well (as long as there is another one of his soldiers already beside the gun).

If a soldier is knocked over by gunfire he is out of the game for good.


If a soldier is CAPTURED he is held prisoner. At the start of his turn a player can swap any soldier he holds prisoner for any soldier held by his opponent. The opponent MUST give up the prisoner, even if he is being asked to swap a LEADER for a TROOP.

Swapped troops MUST be put back near the rear of their player's starting board.

CAPTURED guns are out of the game and cannot be swapped.


Some of the lines to the edges of the board have coloured spots beside them. A "tunnel" leads between spots of the same colour that are on open edges of all boards. All soldiers can use the "tunnels".

Tunnels allow you to leave the very back of your own starting board and appear at the very back of your opponent's board by moving just one place. In this way you can launch a sneak attack.

You can use all the coloured dots OR limit tunnelling to two colours or one colour only. At the start of a game you must decide how many of the colours you will use. Try your first game with just one colour. Try more as you become more experienced.


The first player to take either ALL his opponent's soldiers or ALL his opponent's guns out of play is the winner.

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