Pumpaloons Game Rules


2 x Inflatable Pumpaloon characters
2 x Pumps

1. Firmly insert pump valve into your Pumpaloons

Firmly insert tube tip into blue valve in the pump.

2. Start pumping with your feet, hands, or any part of your body.

3. Race against your friends to see who can be the first to pump up their Pumpaloon all the way.

4. To deflate your Pumpaloon, pull out the tube tip, keeping the nozzle in the Pumpaloon.

5. Scrunch the head up and squash it down, then fold in the arms on top of the head.

Scrunch together and start pushing down. Keep pushing down on the top of the Pumpaloon.

7. Keep pushing each section of the Pumpaloon down into the next one below. Each section should nest inside each other when completely deflated.

Now you are ready for another fun race with your Pumpaloons.

This is not a life saving device. Do not use high pressure pump to inflate. Do not over inflate. Keep away from heat, prolonged sunlight exposure, extreme cold, rough surfaces, cigarettes and all sharp objects.